(Based on: Psalm 84)

How awesome are Thy courts Lord,
Which cause my soul to faint-
As the "heart and flesh" cry out
Against what I disdain!
They draw me in where it is warm,
And I am satisfied;
To bask there in soft twilight
Until the dawn arrives.
So blessed are they that dwell in Thee
And find a solace there...
My King, My Lord, and Master
Whose temples are so fair.
For those who fill their wells with tears
And feel faint in the night;
In Thee we find courageous strength
To win each daily "fight!"
I'd rather be - lost in Thee,
Than found inside a world-
Where trials and tribulations
Wave their flags unfurled.
Thou art my shield and buckler
Which bind me to Your Love...
So I can walk upright in Trust;
To "reap" sweet FRUIT above!

~penned by lynn foust

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