Bathed In Tears
 (Based on: Luke 7:44-50)

Jesus sat conversing
With folks in town He knew…
When a weeping woman
Appeared out of the blue.

There was a container
She carried in her hands;
With expensive ointment
To anoint the Son of Man.

The atmosphere became tense
As tears fell on His feet-
They said she was a sinner
With worldliness her keep!

Then the woman took her hair
And dried His feet with care…
While the others watching
Scoffed and whispered there.

Jesus saw contrition
In her swollen eyes;
Granting her forgiveness
(Love's eternal prize.)

A sinner came in bondage
But left in sweet release-
As Christ rebuked their banter,
And SHE went home in PEACE!
~penned by lynn foust

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