Beautiful Garments
 (Based on: Isaiah 52)

Don the beautiful garments
God has made for you-
Fashioned from a pattern
Of Faithfulness and Truth.
Wake! Put on your strong suit,
It's time to rise and shine...
You have an invitation
To meet with Christ and dine!
There'll be no need for crying
Or bowing in the dust,
To wanton folks and idols
Which you could never trust.
Listen to the prophets
Standing on the hills-
Proclaiming Peace and Happiness
Above all dales and rills.
The Lord has found a ransom
To free us from the sway...
He'll gather us in Glory
And guide us through His "Way."
Follow in procession
And sing His Holy song-
Wave a brilliant banner;
And join sweet Angel throngs!
~penned by lynn foust

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