Beauty of the Word

"Every good and perfect gift
Comes down from above."
Serve the Lord with gladness;
Bask always in His Love!
"As for me and my house,
The Lord is who we'll serve."
He furnishes green pastures
(And mansions well deserved.)
If we fail to have Love
It's hard to praise and sing-
Or come before the Master;
Sweet offerings to bring.
There really is a "river"
Which quenches every thirst;
Plus sheepcote there to keep us...
Requiring ne'er a purse.
Now we can see "partly,"
But soon the "Sun" shall rise!
Joy comes in the morning
(Eternal life's surprise!)
He is the rose of Sharon
And lily among thorns.
In a humble stable
Is where our King was born.
Now come away with mercy,
It's Springtime in His world...
Rise to health and happiness;
Love's banner full unfurled!
~penned by lynn foust

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