Bible Study

Job taught people patience,
Jonah did "confess..."
Noah was obedient,
And Abram passed his test.
Eve was irresponsible
(And her husband too.)
The serpent threatened Eden
Before it got the boot!
Joseph was a dreamer,
Daniel LOVED the Lord-
Paul became converted
And "turned" in one accord.
Judas was a traitor,
Pilate washed his hands...
Moses conquered Pharaoh,
Solomon was GRAND!
Esther saved her people,
Ruth was in the lurch.
John had Revelation,
Ezekiel went to "Church."
Jeremiah pleaded,
Isaiah set the pace-
Nehemiah re-built,
David received GRACE!
Jezebel was shameful,
Korah paid a price.
David killed Goliath.
John the Baptist strived.
Mary was a virgin,
Elijah stopped the "hype."
Jesus came to SAVE us...
And wrought ETERNAL LIFE!
~penned by lynn foust

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