Bird Prints

Some birds strut - others "toddle,"
Roadrunners just run!
Flamingos are quite graceful,
Seagulls like to plunge.
Lucky birds can take off
Leaving others on the ground.
Eagles have great talons-
Grebe-es "paddle" round.
Penguins have cute webbed feet,
As do ducks and geese.
Albatross are "biggest,"
With hummingbirds the least!
Some fowl do a "scratching" thing,
Ospreys get to grasp.
(Depending on what they eat...
Their feet all fit the task.)
Robins perch - Killdeer don't,
And "wading" toes are long;
Pigeon peds are skinny-
Falcon limbs are strong!
Some birds get to "winter"
While others stay at home
(All their feet adapted
to cold or temperate zones.)
Seems God had a major plan
When He created birds...
And blessed them with "variety"
In trade for what He HEARD!
~penned by lynn foust