Bitter to Sweet

My mother had a lemon tree
Growing on her lawn-
Which we picked the lemons from
'Til all but one were gone.
Then she had a brainstorm
And said let that "one" be...
As it hangs there all alone;
We'll see what we can see!
Weeks went by and days passed,
That lemon just hung there-
Drinking in the sunshine
And raindrops soft and fair.
Then one day - it happened;
It started turning "orange..."
Growing to be larger
(We thought it strange of course.)
One day she let us pick it,
Plump from off the tree-
And when we peeled that lemon,
It was SWEET as SWEET could be!

~penned by lynn foust

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Still Life with Oranges and Lemons by Zurbaran
Courtesy of CGFA