(Based on: Isaiah 34:16-17, Isaiah 35)

A Promise from the Book of Love...
We shall all be Glad.
Abundance WILL come our way;
(We'll no more feel sad!)
Oh to see such Blossom-
Spring forth from desert sand;
Most Beautiful of Roses...
Ne'er wrought by human hand!
Then we'll SEE His Glory,
And we'll understand-
What the Good Book tells us;
How Great and Vast - His Land!
By one touch - we'll be WELL...
And FREE to skip about.
Angel bands will come on strong;
With Saints they'll jump and shout!
Our Lord now come to Save us,
A Mighty Recompense-
He'll open eyes and unstop ears,
So we'll all have "Good " sense!

~penned by lynn foust

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