Sprinkled by your Guiding Hand,
Little crumbs lie in the sand,
So we can find our Way to you-
While you wait there in the blue.
Soon, we'll see your Garden Gate,
And will find it's not too late.
Then with You we'll find rest,
Knowing we are Royally blest.
All sad memories will depart,
So we can fill our brand new heart...
With Your Love and Yours alone,
Earned up in the Calvary Zone.
Please keep crumbling that Sweet Bread-
That many numbers may be lead,
Along Your Path that's oh so Pure...
Past this pain that we endure.
Then we'll reflect upon Your Throne,
What we've learned as we have roamed...
Through the Ages and the tears;
Where we've learned to conquer fears.
Thank you for our Blessings Great-
While you Fill our Souls to Sate!

~penned by lynn foust

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