Children of Light

With the Holy Ghost to guide them,
They desire to "carry on..."
As commissioned sheep together
In a sacred lit-up zone!
ONE body of believers
Meant to follow Jesus Christ;
As receivers of His Glory
And His Grace that doth suffice.
Those with perseverance-
(Who refuse to give it up)
In Spiritual endeavors
To partake of His sweet cup.
They will NOT walk in darkness.
They will NOT "compromise."
Their direction's from the Master
('Cause they KNOW that He's Alive!)
It's hard for them to stumble
With God's awesome Angel care...
So they stand as good examples
Of the way that we're to "bear."
Aspire to light your lantern.
Try to focus on what's RIGHT.
Be a beacon for those burdened.
Keep the Bible e'er in sight!

~penned by lynn foust


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