1. What does it mean to be "Christian?"
(check from the following list):

  1. Someone who's more humble
  2. Who praises God with bliss
  3. One who takes the time to pray
  4. Offering a helping hand
  5. Never being selfish
  6. Keeping your head out of the sand
  7. A giver of direction
  8. Drying orphan's tears
  9. Thanking God for each blessed day
  10. Calming old ones' fears
  11. Seeing good inside the sad
  12. Being a blind one's eyes
  13. Not kicking against the tests of life
  14. In spring, watching for things to rise
  15. A helper with the groceries
  16. Saying thanks at meals
  17. Laughing in rain and sunshine
  18. Being careful behind the wheel
  19. Reading Gospel Scripture
  20. Attentiveness in school
  21. Trying to be the best you can
  22. Following the Golden Rule
  23. Never being stingy, but learning how to give
  24. Keeping on the Sunny side
  25. Example of a righteous way to live
  26. Not afraid to kneel to God and never there ashamed
  27. A watcher for the Good in life
  28. Quiet listener for their name
Now I have to make my mark and I may fail this test,
but I really can't decide which description is the best.
So, I'll just have to give this answer written down with love:
I do not think it's any one...but ALL of the above!

~penned by lynn foust


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