How we love to set our "dials,"
Then kick back and relax...
With ne'er a worry in the world
To stress us out or tax!
We like to push the buttons
That cause it all to work;
So we can have some peace of mind,
Without a single quirk.
Now wouldn't it be dandy
If we had a way-
To put our lives on "pilot"
And sail through every day?
The Bible says that's possible
When we BELIEVE in God...
Read His Word and heed it;
Sweet Holy name to laud.
Paul tells us to trust in Christ
And put things in HIS hands-
Because they are quite capable,
Through what Love commands.
And when we move in HIS will
(Not that one of our own…)
It's then we go on "cruise-control"
Out in the HIGH WAY zone!
~penned by lynn foust

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