Dead Men's Bones
 (Based on: Ezekiel 37, Proverbs 14:30)

Ezekiel had his work cut out
Standing in that field…
Surrounded by a spectacle,
Sad "evidence" did yield.
Miles and miles of dry bones
Were all that he could see.
So he asked God what to do,
To mend such evil deeds.
He was told to "Prophesy"
To those dead, dry bones;
And help them come together,
So they could march back home.
I'm sure that he was skeptical
(But obedient…)
As he cried out through foul air;
Bible "ingredients."
Before his eyes it happened,
One miracle of fear;
Where empty vessels once had laid-
"Bodies" now appeared!
God told him to continue
And prophesy the more.
Then, to his amazement-
They rose ALIVE - Galore!
It seems God wants to tell us
That He can SAVE our lives;
No matter how long we've suffered,
Lost in grief and strife.
There is a destiny for us
Out of this world of woe…
If we can find Compassion;
Allowing Love to GROW!

~penned by lynn foust


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