Deborah's Song
 (Based on: Judges 5)

Lord, may the enemy perish now-
We sing to you our love;
Like the Sun when it shines
Full strength from above!
Get up Barak…come Deborah!
Wake…soldiers in the sand!
The battle's started raging…
Come give us now a hand.
Where Angels cursed black-hearted men
And fought from Heaven's doors.
Israelites covered land and sea;
Reaching moor to moor.
Men and women fought side by side-
It must have been some sight,
When the dawning of the day
Rose upon that fight!
They say the earth was trembling
And heavens dropped their rain;
Mountains melted over land,
Where bloody ground was gained.
It seems "new gods" were chosen,
Rearing ugly heads…
And fights broke out within the gates-
By Deborah these were led.
A judge and Temple advocate,
She charged against the foe!
With heavy swords and weaponry,
At Megiddo - blood did flow.
God's people rose the Victors,
And brought home there the prize;
As defeated evil enemies
Watched with tear-stained eyes!

~penned by lynn foust

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