(Based on: Acts 9:36-43)

A woman in the Bible
Was blessed with quite a "gift,"
Who sewed a lot for others-
Many souls she did uplift!
Unique and very beautiful
Were garments that she made
(And probably lots of bedding
In brilliant hues and shades!)
When she died, her friends mourned,
And gathered - shedding tears;
Admiring all the handiwork
In her life she shared.
When Saint Peter got there,
He told her to "arise..."
She sat up - RESURRECTED
(to everyone's surprise!)
I think that it was due to
The work which she had done;
That God "extended" her time
To sew beneath the sun!

~penned by lynn foust

This poem is lovingly dedicated to the “Dorcas”
in our family - our Grandmother - who so unselfishly
shared her God-given talent for sewing, with others
for so many years.

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