(Based on: Genesis 37, 40, 46I Samuel 3,
    Ezekiel 8, Daniel 2, 7, Revelation 13, 21)

Joseph was an expert,
And Daniel was one too.
Jacob saw the "Gate to God,"
Where Angels did pursue.
The Good Book speaks of "dreamers,"
And interpreters of same...
Samuel was asleep one night,
When "Yahweh" called his name.
Daniel's dreams were "stirring."
Joseph's won his "bail."
Ezekiel saw the "Temple."
John viewed "Heaven/Hell!"
Our dreams are an enigma,
But evidently "planned..."
To give us guiding vision,
From Sweet Angelic bands.
So never stop your "dreaming."
Some night you just might see;
The answer to all puzzles,
When your "dream" has set you FREE!

~penned by lynn foust

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The Dream of Solomom by Luca Giordano - 1693
Courtesy of: CGFA
Graphics by Lori: In the Light of Angels