E Pluribus Unum
(Out of many, one)

It seems this phrase in Latin
Simply means that "many parts"
Can form a single body-
With just ONE head and heart!
A single-minded enterprise
As hinted by fair Paul,
In his book "Ephesians"
When God gave him a call.
With Jesus at the very top,
We function much as members
Of a Spiritual system,
Quite orderly - yet limber!
Around the clock attraction;
As "drawn" there by the Lord,
To function in compassion
Always in ONE accord.
Each person has a duty
Much like our body parts...
Which all work together
To support the mind and heart.
We each have a "mission"
Ordained by God above-
To worship Him in union;
To Share, Forgive, and LOVE!

~penned by lynn foust

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