FAITH is a stout mind
Set on things "above:"
The awesome possibilities
Of Jesus' healing LOVE.
Only a small measure
(That of a mustard seed)
Releases sacred POWER-
And therein lies the "key."
TRUST in Christ is surefire
(What we can bank on...)
Truth that's so revealing,
It shines just like the SUN!
Our Belief through innocence
Opens every door-
And marks us with Humility
(So we can better SOAR.)
It runs the ship of courage,
Boldness from God's throne...
And releases VIRTUE
Wherever it is sown.
A sweet and Spiritual "substance"
Which we cannot see,
Guides us and protects us
As we plant and reap.
Faith's built by RESISTING
The Devil all day long;
Without it, we are weakly-
Blessed with it, we are STRONG!


~penned by lynn foust


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