Fast Food!
 (Based on: Genesis 1:29, 8:22)

Thank you God for "quick" food,
We select from trees.
Nourishment for bodies...
Delicious and so sweet!
Like a "delicatessen"
Where you get to choose,
From a "buffet" of vast array
(So no time you'll lose.)
It's chock full of vitamins
And energy from the sun;
Grown up as the "gift" of Love
Until it's ripe and done.
Food that's "concentrated"
(It makes a whole lot more...)
From the seed in a seed,
Made special by the Lord.
So if you're in a hurry
And it's "fast food" you seek,
Enjoy it from the Father-
Just pick, say "Thanks," and eat!
~penned by lynn foust


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