God is Spirit, Truth, and Love,
Always watchful from above!
A jealous and consuming fire
Which purifies the clayey mire.
Faithful witness through and through;
Advocate for me and you.
Hallowed/blessed - His name is sweet-
Our helper, judge, and paraclete!
Mighty, reverent Lord of lords...
Refuge, strength, and power source.
Greater than the likes of man;
A present help in this poor land.
Sole King of the universe.
Creator of all things on earth.
Salvation, Glory, fortress-Rock-
Sanctuary round the clock.
Sun, shield, Word of Righteousness...
Master of all mirth and bliss.
Merciful, great King of kings,
God of gods and everything!
Holy, gracious, wise, and good;
Father of man's brotherhood.
Just, forever, brilliant Light-
Over-comer of the night.
Glorious author of our peace,
Whose Love and care shall NEVER cease!

~penned by lynn foust

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