Those Who HALT
 (Based on: Isaiah 33)

To turn our backs on things that spoil,
And stop our minds from mental toil--
Bringing about unmasted ships,
Putting aside the shoulder-chips...
Might enable us to see;
God's Great Plan for you and me.
One night (all night) Jacob fought,
With the Angel he had caught.
Persistence brought "wealth" they say,
As tired Jacob limped away.
He would never be the same,
The battle there had left him "lame."
Giving up all things "before,"
Opened wide that Heav'nly door.
There he arose a Better Man--
Halting through morn's golden sand!

~penned by lynn foust

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Jacob Wresting with the Angel by Gustave Doré - 1855
Courtesy of: CGFA
Graphics by Lori: In the Light of Angels