Have You Seen Him?

I was searching for my "teacher"
Whom I could not find-
I had a burning question,
Of a deeply spiritual kind.
Checking through the city,
I looked most everywhere...
Into every restaurant,
And 'round the city square!
He wasn't in the library,
Or coffeehouse, conversing-
I peaked inside the courthouse,
Then continued searching.
I spied Him on the corner,
Holding out a cup...
To some hungry children,
Who had their arms raised up.
People were surrounding Him-
It seems He'd "healed" a man,
Performing there a "Miracle"
And drew the crowd at hand!
He held a child upon His knee
While others danced about-
A man - lame since his birth,
Jumped high up with a shout!
Some women started singing:
"Hallelujah to the King"
And old men were advancing,
Walking keenly on their canes.
I guess they hadn't seen much Hope,
In oh so many years...
And lots of them stood crying-
But with "Joyous" tears!
I felt so proud to know Him,
This new found Friend of mine.
I'd met Him at the Church one day,
When I didn't have a dime.
He gave me much encouragement;
And taught me a new "WAY."
(I will 'ere be grateful,
That I met Him there last May!)
He looked up from that humble crew,
And gazed toward me a while...
Even though I needed Him,
I just gave Him a smile!
I turned to go and thought about
Something He had said:
"LOVE is the reason I returned,
The same as when I BLED!"

~penned by lynn foust

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