The flowing robes of Jesus
Moved just ahead of her...
She was weak and weary
But healing she discerned.
Everyone had given up-
She had nowhere to turn.
For the days of health again;
In her heart she yearned.
As she pressed in closer
She could see His face...
Smiling in the sunshine
With sweet Holy grace.
A day of celebration;
Immanuel had arrived-
They could breathe much easier
As He brought new life!
When she finally reached Him,
Fighting through the crowd
She was quite exhausted
And folks were laughing loud.
She grabbed for the material
Which lay upon the ground
And then she felt the Power
Surging all around...
It started in her cranium
And moved down to her feet;
She couldn't believe the energy
She had - and felt "Complete!"
He turned around to see who
Had touched Him there and drawn
From the "Living Water"
He carried in His brawn.
He blessed and acknowledged
Courage she had shown,
Saying - FAITH had saved her-
She turned and leaped toward home!
~penned by lynn foust


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Christ and the Woman with the Issue of Blood by Paolo Veronese
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