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When I awoke this morning
And took a look outside,
I beheld a purple carpet
Saying "Spring has now arrived!"
Tiny Virginia Beauties
Decked my lawn outdoors
A "least" of God's creation-
His pallet to adorn!
Mingled in were others,
Quite small - yet so grandeur...
The little Henbit greeted;
(Dark green and pink velour.)
Small wildflowers of yellow,
Dubbed the "Buttercup-"
Bright and cheery heralders
Bid sleepers to wake up!
Small versions of the orchid
And violets we all know;
Glossy leaves of gold you see,
Grace the grass below.
Kneel down to admire them...
They are sweet messengers;
Of a thing called Dayspring;
"New Life" expressioners!

~penned by lynn foust



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