If "Home" is where the heart is,
And that is what we seeků
Then we must go "inside"
To find what's pure and meek.
Jesus taught "Beatitudes"
Which tell us how to sow;
For to reap the benefits
As through this life we go.
He said the way is "narrow"
And few will find that path,
Because they are not willing
To trust and do the math!
We read in Revelationů
Greed wants us to "pay"
But then it will betray us
As in Jesus' day!
"Spiritual" gifts are for Free
And we should invest;
If we want to rise above
Pride and worldly tests!
Then we'll find the garden gate
(Plus sweet Angels too.)
Peter will shake our hand,
And motion us on through!

~penned by lynn foust

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