Hot House Plants
 ( Based on: Psalms 1, 92, 128, 144, Ecclesiastes 3,
Jeremiah 2, 11, 17, Ezekiel 19, Mark 4, Romans 6 )

It seems that God has "planted" us,
On this fair ground called earth.
And He's looking forward to;
A "crop" that has great worth!
All His work invested - in this hopeful seed,
Someday will bring a Harvest-
To prove such Noble deed!
A Farmer who is proud to show,
A beautiful display...
Of a dream that He had,
Back one autumn day!
But, as luck would have it;
There always comes a "blight,"
(Sometimes it can kill a crop-
Late into the night.)
Or a "frost" may get it,
Plus "pestilence" win out...
And perhaps, it n'er took root,
With rocks and thorns about.
But if the ground is "fertile,"
And elements just right;
It makes His work much easier,
A Husbandman's Delight!

-penned by lynn foust

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