Artwork of Beverley Lu

Humble As a Child

Can you remember childhood
And its wistful charm...
Like - how it felt in summer
With fireflies on your arm?
Secret friends and playing-
Hopscotch on the walk.
How grownups acted silly;
Gathering to "talk!"
Skipping on the school ground.
Dreaming chocolate cake.
Dressing up with neighbors.
Splashing in the lake.
Trusting so in others.
Fearless in and out.
Love with no conditions.
Believing - without doubt.
Wishing for "that" present
When your birthday came.
Pretending you were noble,
With a different name?
Jesus said HUMILITY
Will take you very far;
And get you into Heaven-
Because it ISN'T hard!
~penned by lynn foust


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