"little" MIRACLES

Some people pray for money,
Others pray for health.
But whether it is "wholeness,"
Or showerings of "wealth;"
God answers all our prayers,
As we show the "will..."
To prove to Him obedience,
And learn how to be "still !"
But, I think it's "small" things,
That make our days so bright-
Like the "orange" in Sunrise,
Or stars which shine at night.
Crescendo of a birdsong,
Or the swelling of a wave...
Endless fields of golden wheat,
Stalactites grown in caves.
Smiles of tiny babies,
Or toothless, older grins-
Usher in such healing,
We can feel within !
How snow glows in moonlight,
Christmas lights on trees...
Frost upon round pumpkins,
And autumn's crispy breeze.
The hoot of big-eyed Nightowls,
Or coos of Turtledoves;
Bring an air of Pleasure,
And prove "Creative" Love !
So, when you begin praying,
Just beg to "Behold:"
Small "gifts" for the taking,
Which filter down like "Gold !"

~penned by lynn foust

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