Dayspring is the dawning
That brings us Light of day.
The early bird doth herald it,
Then gently glides away.
Saint Peter makes mention of
A "Day Star" in our hearts...
He says that we should watch for it,
To have a brand new start.
The Apostle Luke speaks of such,
Right after Mary's prayer-
Defining there our Savior;
Tender Mercy gleaming fair!
And Malachi describes
A healing power in the wings,
Of a Bright and Sunny morning
For those who love the King!
Revelations tells us
That someday we will see,
Our Savior come to share it,
A Gift for you and me!
It seems there's much more to it
Than what we all might think-
This thing that they call "Dayspring"
Can put us in the pink!
Be so ever watchful
Of each dawn shone from the East,
And never stop your dreaming...
'Cause some Morn
We'll be released!

~penned by lynn foust

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