(Based on: Romans 8:35-39)

Paul says naught can separate us-
From communing with our Lord.
Not exile or imprisonment
(Behind great walls or doors.)
Ne'er in a burning furnace…
Nor deep inside damp caves;
Underneath some chasm,
Or dark and watery grave!
Many have been a witness
To this sort of truth…
Afflicted and bewildered,
Ship-wrecked, beat up, pursued.
David and Ezekiel,
Daniel, and John too-
Jonah, Jeremiah
(Just to name a few!)
Apostle Paul and Barnabas,
Silas, and "the Rock…"
All were tried and tested
It seems around the clock.
God and His Angels found them
Each time they were contemned;
And they were delivered
From "trials" which did condemn.
A Holy trance or vision,
An Angel's bright disguise-
"Trumpets," plus giant whales,
Saved them from demise.
So, no matter what the world
Tries to do or say…
Remember Bible promises;

~penned by lynn foust

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