ONE Love...
 (Based on: Psalm 103:22)

God's Love is in the country
And all the city-towns.
Everywhere that He is-
Sweet charity is found!
It's in the dens of nature,
And high up in the sky...
Down inside the mountains,
Plus where the cattle lie.
Across great silent canyons,
Over dales and hills-
In every fragrant flower
(Even in an eel!)
Hear it in loud thunder,
Then feel it when it rains;
As brilliant sun is shining,
Or stars come out again.
Deep down in the water,
Atop our trees so high...
In the soil and grasses,
Corn and barley-rye.
Every path and highway,
All the rocks and sand-
Don't forget the animals,
Great fish, and likes of man!
~penned by lynn foust


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