One Size
 (Based on: Ephesians 6)

God's created "armor"
To get us through this world...
So we can be protected
From evil's flag unfurled!
The helmet is "Salvation."
Our loincloth is the "Truth."
Shields are made strong by "Faith;"
"Peacefulness" yields boots.
A breastplate of "Righteousness"
Protects the beating heart,
The soft one Jesus gave us
To have a brand new start!
Lastly - there's the "WORD" of God;
It is a swift, sharp sword...
To cut away the enemy
(Honed by Abram's horde!)
So try it on and wear it-
You'll be forever glad;
He made us "One Size" to fit all
(So no one would be mad!)

~penned by lynn foust


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"Helmet of Salvation"
2003 William Hallmark