God blesses us with Life and breath,
Plus His Cross to chase off "death."
The sun to shine and heal each day-
In an awesome, special way!
He answers us when we call,
Proving He is All-in-All.
The Lord respects our lowly state,
Because it seems He can "relate."
We're to Worship in His name
With whole hearts to praise and sing!
He defeats all enemies,
And supplies "amenities."
Through Lovingkindness we can raise
Up our Harvest in His "way."
We must trust and Love His name,
So we can beat the Devil's game.
Look to Him who saves the soul;
Where every blessing is bestowed!
His Glory can save me and you,
Through His Grace, and Mercy too.
I'm thankful for the Peace He brings;
I'm grateful Lord - for EVERYTHING!

~penned by lynn foust


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