Little animals are God's gift
To everyone down here.
They help us through "rainy" days
And lessen lonesome fears!
Sometimes they "act out"
In odd and silly ways
(Probably a symptom of
just having a "bad day.")
To that very sort of thing
We ALL can relate…
So try to soothe and love them;
Just simply "tolerate!"
You might think this crazy,
But THEY need our PRAYERS too
(Especially when we're angry
'cause they've "chewed" up our new shoes!)
And sometimes they run away…
Getting lost 'round the bend.
Then we fret and worry lots,
For those furry friends!
I know God watches over
These innocent, helpful ones;
Who bring us selfless joy
And sweet "licks" by the ton!

~penned by lynn foust

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