(Based on: Ecclesiastes 8:15)

Tots and school-age children
Have breaks and time to play;
Most folks call it "recess"
At intervals each day.
A time to run and have some fun
Outside on a playground-
Swinging, going down the slides,
Climbing up and down!
Experts try to tell us
That grown-ups need time too…
For some recreation
And hobbies we pursue.
Time out from a busy day
To reflect and think-
On things that uplift the soul
And keep us in the pink!
Exercise, a picnic,
Or chatting with a friend…
Choosing a good book to read,
Can help the spirit mend.
We need a special, sacred place
Away from vexing noise,
To catch our breath and relax,
Plus regain some "poise!"
Seems it's necessary
For our frame of mind-
To lighten up our heavy loads
And treat ourselves more KIND!

~penned by lynn foust



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