Running Barefoot Through Heaven
 (Based on: II Samuel 22)

David danced with all his might,
When the Ark came home.
And you know he wrote the Psalms,
Of lament / attone.
Mispent youth took it's toll,
Then Love, it made him blind.
Seemed he could not get ahead,
As life threw him behind!
But God (through Faith) was watchful,
With Angels all around...
Assigning a Loyal Prophet,
To bring him to the ground!
Great break-point he accepted,
(After many tears-)
Rising up: Newborn Saint,
Erasing earthly fears.
Learning we can Count on God,
Throughout any strain;
Gave David valuable courage,
To quench the awful pain.
Somewhere 'tween death,
And Temple Veil...
The Greatest King of all,
Wrote a simple "Thank You" note;
Pouring out his All.
I could never find such words,
For "Vehement" Love...
But David did - as he bound-
Toward Golden fields above!

~penned by lynn foust

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