A bunch of men were mocking
A preacher on the square-
While one called "Saul," egged them on
And glared a hateful stare.
They laid their coats before him
And chose them each a stone...
Hurling toward a "target"
Their faith could not condone!
They spat and kicked,
And kicked and spat-
Until the soldiers came.
The FIRST of Martyrs fell that day
In Jesus' Holy name!
But as Saul prepared to leave,
He heard a whispered Prayer...
Coming from the bloodied lips
Of Stephen fallen there:
Please Forgive them Master,
These "enemies" of mine.
Help them find a Better Way,
So Your Bright Light can Shine!
His eyes were lift toward Heavenů
Saul must have felt attone,
As he saw a smile come 'cross
An Angel's mouth flown home!

~penned by lynn foust

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The Stoning of St. Stephen by Cortona
Courtesy of: CGFA
Graphics by Lori: In the Light of Angels