The Scarlet Thread

One "thread" runs through the Bible
From beginning to the end-
Relating to REDEMPTION
(Existence without sin.)
God made a way to "sacrifice"
As a recompense;
The offering of a special Lamb
Back in Genesis.
A token of that Lamb's blood
Scored the childrens' doors,
So they could escape from
Pharoah's raging horde.
While plans were perfecting,
The slaughter had begun-
And people picked from their herds,
Oblations by the tons.
Rahab warned some soldiers
By that humble thread
Hanging in her window,
Which saved her kin from death.
It passes through each Kingdom,
With their rise and fall;
Quickened by contention
When evil made the calls.
That "cord" of blood and sorrow
Flows past CALVARY-
Into the hearts of prophets
And their Loving deeds.
Through all saddened martyrs,
By beastly lusts of seed...
Spawned from hateful mischief,
Pride, and jealous greed.
It moves on to the meltdown
Of hellishness and scorn;
Above the seven seals and bowls
(With Angels blasting horns!)
Beyond all pain and suffering
Known upon this earth-
To reach it's end in Glory;
Eternal Peace REBIRTHED.
~penned by lynn foust

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