In the Autumn of our lives,
Summer leaves begin to change,
Revealing many memories
From which we've been estranged.
Soft colors of the rainbow
Appear where storms have been-
And guide us toward the "promise"
Located at it's end.
A halt to daily grinding
Brings a dream of peaceful shores;
Where children build their castles
And big seagulls like to soar.
A time for reminiscing,
We fashion "memory books"
(So the family can remember
How we used to dress and look!)
When we stood on mountains
With a youthful, yearning gaze-
Witnessing the wonders
Of the Lord's creative ways.
With wisdom for a vesture,
And twinkles in our eyes;
We wait as though sequestered...
Locked up by space and time.
Now ready for the Winter,
We'll be patient til the Spring-
And the robin starts to sing!

~penned by lynn foust

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