(Based on: Acts 20:28)

The duty of a shepherd
Is to feed his hungry sheep...
And keep them safe from pestilence,
While they're in his keep.
He makes sure they're anointed
And watches out for foes,
Plus shelters them when it storms
Until the lightning goes.
They depend on his care
And recognize his voice-
When he calls out to them
Above the wind and noise!
He guides them to green pastures
Then plays upon his pipe,
Never leaving them alone
In the dark of night.
His slingshot must be accurate,
And shepherd's crook quite strong...
To face the unknown adversary
All the whole day long.
It takes courage, strength, and skill
For shepherds to succeed-
And raise a bunch of healthy lambs,
Fulfilling every need.
Christ commissioned man to care
And watch out for His "flock;"
Each and every day we live;
"Love-shepherds" round the clock!

~penned by lynn foust

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