(Based on: Psalm 25:4)

Teach me Holy ways Lord
So I can follow You...
Help me to hold my tongue
When I "misconstrue."
Let me discern Your truth
(That Love is all there is)
One glorious revelation;
Disclosing sacred bliss!
Teach me to impartially judge
As You did long ago-
When Your footsteps touched the earth
To put us in the "know."
Show me how to LIVE Your Law
As it was meant to be,
Pure and simple from the start
Beside that crystal sea.
Guide me to do YOUR will,
Help me to believe...
With compassion in my heart,
Able to "receive."
Keep me under watchful eyes
Each day and forever;
Far from temptation's door
And ways that might seem clever.
Show me how to walk upright,
Ne'er bowing low to sin.
Brush me with Thy healing wings-
Let me begin again!

~penned by lynn foust

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