Keep It Simple
 (Based on: Numbers 6:25-26Matthew 5, 25:40,
    Luke 8:4-15, John 13:34)

Simple things please our Lord,
Like a pleasant smile...
Or some bread for the birds
To feed them for a while.
A "visit" makes Him happy
When He sees us care-
(Proving Paul's theory right;)
We're "growing" as we share!
It could be a gentle word
To comfort an old friend...
Or even someone we don't know
Who's feeling down and dim.
A simple act of courtesy
Can go a long, long way-
Showing Love still exists,
For someone who has strayed!
Holding babies when they cry
Could soothe their tiny tears.
Helping someone to be warm,
Can chase away cold fears.
I've heard God will make us "shine"
And I believe that's true-
If we follow His sweet law
In EVERY thing we do!

~penned by lynn foust

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Christ Washing St. Peter's Feet by Madox Brown - 1851
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Graphics by Lori: In the Light of Angels