Soul's Song

King David's soul was sheltered
and protected by God's wing.
He felt blessed continually-
Psalms from his heart did ring!
He said his soul was fainting;
Cleaving to the Lord…
Dissolving in His presence,
Succinct in One accord!
He asked Yahweh to set it free
As a bird out from the snare-
To fly above all worldly "traps,"
And spiral through the air!
His soul was faint and swooning
At the mention of Jah's name
(One whom he would wait on,
patiently each day.)
Strength and praise were attributes,
Of his darling's ray…
As musician-worshipper
In a Priestly way.
With contempt for the "proud,"
Disdaining the inane-
He prayed his soul to partake
Of Lamentation's gain.
Might we take a subtle hint…
And learn King David's song;
To rise up every morning
and praise God ALL day long!

~penned by lynn foust

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