(Based on: Acts 9)

Paul kicked against the pricks of life,
And persecuted God.
Then, waylaid on Damascus' trail;
Was drove down to the sod.
Heavy scales laid on his eyes-
Therefore he could not see.
The Light of Christ had blinded him,
Until he paid the fee!
He rose there with a new heart...
New life to testify,
And laid aside all pride and hate-
(Oh how he must have cried!)
A changed man forevermore;
He sat out on the path,
To save his brothers in the way
From Satan's hateful wrath!
Now Paul was called and heeded God-
Such a wretch was he.
He preached that God can save you too;
Love's sample to a T.

~penned by lynn foust

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The Conversion on the Way to Damascus by Caravaggio
Courtesy of: CGFA
Graphics by Lori: In the Light of Angels