Strong Hands
 (Based on: Zechariah 8)

God's searching for some "strong hands"
To come together now…
And help rebuild His Temple
Where Faith and Hope's endowed.

A Holy place of worship
To house the body of;
Believers in the Trinity,
Honesty, and Love!

Space that's always open
When people want to pray-
And get together joyfully,
Praising in Christ's name!

Where we receive "benefits"
Purchased by His blood;
Reminisce of suffering
That day upon the Rood.

(Letting go of former days,
Those of Spiritual drought…)
Enjoying now the latter,
Renewed to jump and shout!

Agape praise and laughter
Shall ring from humble halls-
As the "corner-stone" of Paradise
Is laid to cornet calls!

~penned by lynn foust

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