Study Hard!

Are you boning up for Heaven?
Do you know the Golden Rule?
Can you discern Satan's plan?
(Have you learned in "school?")
Could you recite the Master's prayer…
Do you know the "score;"
The one writ down by David
When his heart and soul outpoured?
Did you know: just the "humble"
Shall enter Heaven's gate
(Those innocent of deceit,
Who dare not desecrate!)
Are you able to help neighbors-
Hurting and in need;
Of Scripture from the Bible,
To plant a healing seed?
Can you begin to "measure"
The vastness of God's Love
(As Paul teaches wisely
In words from up above?)
Have you learned the Lamb's song
For Redemption day…
Is it in your "closet"
Where you go to pray?
Do you respect Jesus' Gift
Up on Calvary's tree?
Will you recognize Him
When you cross the Gleaming Sea?

~penned by lynn foust

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