Mommy says - when we leave this world
We don't take NOTHING with us.
'Cept a Few Good MEMORIES...
(Then we won't "UNPACK" much!)
Things like all the sunny days
And popsicles on sticks.
Peppermint and strawberries,
Apples Grandpa picked.
Easter-time and Christmas
Tooth fairies and elves-
Mud puddles in summertime,
Cookie jars on shelves.
Ice cream in ALL Flavors
('specially when it "runs.")
Fishing with my Daddy,
And catching strip-ed ones.
All the good fooD Grandma's cooked,
WaKing up to "Snowy" days...
Going in a Country store,
Kneeling Down to Pray.
Silly clowns and elephants
Rodeos and parades.
When I took a Frog to school
And made the girls afraid!
But the BESTEST memory
I can 'member of...
Is ALL the Hugs and Kisses
That Mommy just calls LOVE!

~penned by lynn foust


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