I "grew up" with Superman
And Tarzan of the Jungle.
Dale and Roy were so cool,
While Mr. Jingles "bungled!"
Doris Day sure could sing
And Bing was quite a crooner...
Howdy Doody was a fav.
Red Skelton was a "booner!"
"Sky" and Penny flew up high,
"Rinny" snooped around.
Mighty Mouse could "save the day,"
And Goofy WAS a hound!
Ole Mickey brought lots of smiles
(and still does today.)
Popeye sure loved Olive Oyl!
Wimpy could not "pay."
These all tweak great memories,
But on the list are "low;"
When I remember LISTENING
To my Grandpa's Radio:
"The Shadow" made me shudder,
With the Lone Ranger I did ride-
While Fibber was "ridiculous,"
Inner Sanctum made me HIDE!
Dragnet demanded "just the facts."
"You Bet Your Life" we could!
Jack Benny HURT my ears...
Orphan Annie was awfully Good!
If I had to make comparison,
I believe that I would choose;
"Old-Time" communication-
Where the mind could go on CRUISE!
~penned by lynn foust

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