The Gittite
 (Based on: I Samuel 17)

For forty days he taunted
The fighting Israelites...
Giving them a "challenge"
To see if they would bite.
A spectacle of terror
Stood before them all;
One giant of great proportion,
This man they called Goliath
Roared with foulest breath...
Calling out their bravest,
To fight him to the death.
He didn't have a taker
Until the shepherd came,
Bearing bread and victuals
In his father's name.
David did not hesitate-
He slung a pebble rock,
Bringing down the monster;
To everybody's shock!
It only took the gumption
Of ONE Courageous lad...
To chase away the enemy
And make his people GLAD!

~penned by lynn foust

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