To Be a Tree

"What's it like to be a tree?"
My young son asked of me.
So I checked the Internet
To see what I could see.
We sought the books of knowledge,
Engaged in biology-
Seeked the dictionary,
But could NOT "grasp" a tree!
We found they're VERY versatile
Bringing fruits and breeze…
Plus chlorophyll to change the air
And help us all to breathe.
In some of Jesus' parables
He used the fig-fruit tree;
To explain to earthy men,
"Spiritual Mystery."
One caused Eve some trouble,
Another can set us free…
Their wood is used to keep us warm
Or build a factory.
It's believed they have "emotions,"
Shaking in fear and fright-
When big storms are raging
And lightning starts to strike!
Our bodies are made of substance
Very much as theirs;
With tiny "microcosms"
Of pithy, carbon layers.
They have sturdy trunks and limbs
(Plus a ton of roots)
Requiring lots of water,
And nutrients to boot.
So, after intense study…
I believe I've found the key;
And that's to say: To be a tree-
Is VERY much like ME!
~penned by lynn foust

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